Top 5 tips – How to get the most from a digital event – An attendees guide

For most people, attending physical events is a regular occurance and something we have become accustomed to, an enjoyable part of our work schedule and personal life. For obvious reasons, mass gatherings and even meeting in person hasn’t been possible at certain times over the last 16 months, yet the wheels of the world keep […]

6 tips for organising hybrid events

The events landscape has swung in a pendulum like fashion over the last couple of years. Pre the COVID-19 pandemic the lion share of events that were taking place globally were physical with people in many cases travelling far and wide to meet for all manner of reasons. When the restrictions hit the industry like a juggernaut […]

Life after the pandemic: the future format for events

The events industry has experienced quite an overhaul in the last 12 months. An industry that promotes the power of face-to-face has had to adapt and embrace not just to the possibilities but also the essential elements of virtual meetings. For some time, the event technology space has catered for the new wave of event […]