How VB Dagene engaged participants with an event app

The Client VB is a nationwide plumbing supplier to the private and professional markets in Norway. Since 1995 the business, via its distribution channel, has been providing advice for organisations and individuals alike with customers ranging from large industrial building owners to members of the public.  Annually, the marketing and events team at VB organises […]

Top 5 tips – How to get the most from a digital event – An attendees guide

For most people, attending physical events is a regular occurance and something we have become accustomed to, an enjoyable part of our work schedule and personal life. For obvious reasons, mass gatherings and even meeting in person hasn’t been possible at certain times over the last 16 months, yet the wheels of the world keep […]

Life after the pandemic: the future format for events

The events industry has experienced quite an overhaul in the last 12 months. An industry that promotes the power of face-to-face has had to adapt and embrace not just to the possibilities but also the essential elements of virtual meetings. For some time, the event technology space has catered for the new wave of event […]

How to organise a virtual event on different time zones

  One of the great benefits of virtual events is the opportunity for globally dispersed groups of people to meet, share and collaborate. They ensure people can continue to meet and do business wherever they are in the world, making them less expensive than physical events, easier to measure and more flexible. The global pandemic […]