Life after the pandemic: the future format for events

The events industry has experienced quite an overhaul in the last 12 months. An industry that promotes the power of face-to-face has had to adapt and embrace not just to the possibilities but also the essential elements of virtual meetings. For some time, the event technology space has catered for the new wave of event […]

Why virtual events are here to stay

Virtual events are not a new concept.The Eventeye team has been working with event organisers on their virtual events since before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, yet what the experience has taught us is that virtual events are now an important part of the event mix.  They have provided a solid platform for businesses across the […]

How to create an ‘event experience’ on a digital platform

Virtual events have so many benefits. They are cheaper than physical events. They have a truly global reach. They require less time in setup and attendance. They are easy to measure and collect data. They have little to no carbon footprint and in the current climate, they are now a necessity. Yet one of the […]