Interactive tools

for business meetings, team meetings, webinars and training.


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Hold better meetings and seminars using the Synergy Event Platform.

Looking for a useful tool to create interactivity during meetings, webinars, course training or lectures?

Interactive tools gives everyone a voice, letting attendees ask questions and everyone share their opinions. It doesn’t matter where your colleagues or participants are located. Using interactive solutions like Synergy Event Platform, no one has to feel left out of the most important discussions.



With synergy event platform you can keep large video conferences organized. Follow a common agenda and let everyone participate in the sessions.

Use feedback features to get feedback on how your content is received by the others.

Engaging Presentations

No more boring, one-way presentations. If you are going to hold a webinar, run parallel discussion stream so that the others can help ask questions and say their opinion. Here's how to get attention from start to finish.


You can start a two-way conversation with employees or let employees start a private dialogue. This way, you enable all colleagues and participants to ask questions from their devices at any time.

You can run live polls and quizzes to make sure everyone is paying attention.

Notes & Documents

Take notes along the way that you can email yourself. The platform also supports document management, whether you want to share presentations or documents.

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