Tailored Personal Information to your Participants? No Problem!

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As an organizer, have you ever wanted to give your participants personal information concerning their flight, agenda or hotel that only they could access and see?

Well, we have a solution. The “Participant Information Page.”  

This page is a dedicated personal page where you as an organizer can update information that only the participant can see. The page can include everything from information about itineraries, personal agendas, hotel room or maybe a secret message?

The information is easily added into a field in the same excel sheet you use to import participants, making the process of adding this information as easy as it could be.

No extra hassle!

Excel Import

Once the participant signs in to the app, the Participants Information Page will look like this:

The best thing? You can easily use HTML code to get the information in the format you want, with different headings, texture, and style!

The Participant Information Page is included in all packages PLUS and above. If you would like to know more about how this can be used for your event – feel free to contact us and try a free demo.

Receive the latest insights and news