Streaming & Virtual Events

Our end-to-end solution for virtual events including live streaming and technical assistance.

  • Lightning Setup

    Quick setup and supported by experienced professionals throughout the event life cycle.

  • Stay in Touch

    Attendees can network and message each other, whilst also interacting with Sponsors and Virtual Exhibitors.

  • Integrated Live Streams

    Live streams are elegantly integrated with the app, and can be viewed as a pop-up that stays visible while using other applications or interaction tools.

EventEye Virtual Events Platform

Live Sessions with Attendee Engagement

Our app enables your invited audience to participate remotely in voting, Q&A, Surveys, networking all whilst watching the speaker, seeing the slide deck, and the engagement results pages

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Live Streaming of Sessions

Enable speakers to run live sessions from home, streaming directly to all of your participants.

Simultaneous streaming

Run multiple streams across plenaries, breakouts and panel sessions. Link each stream from the relevant session in the Agenda.

Video library

Video library available for pre-recordings. Integrate streamed sessions and personalised schedules, so attendees only view relevant streams selected for them.

Engage across all devices

The live feed can be watched from your mobile device, and because our technology is a web based solution, you can achieve the same user experience on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computers.

Versitlie live streaming

The screen layout can display multiple displays including URLs (web links). This means we can film a Speaker, display the presentation, and show a display screen for live engagement results.

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