Nadia Jørgenrud

Our Customer Success Manager Nadia Jørgenrud

Who are you, and what is your role at EventEye?

My name is Nadia, I’m a happy-go-lucky girl from Oslo and my roles in EventEye are both varied and exciting. They consist mostly of on-boarding new clients, helping our existing clients make the most out of their app, as well as contributing to the development of the product we deliver.

Describe yourself with 3 words

Adventurous, competitive and positive.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working with EventEye?

As long as it involves adrenaline and a rush of endorphins I’m up for it. I’m particularly fond of travelling, trying new activities and meeting interesting people. Since I was a child, I’ve felt great joy from spending time at sea, though in the last few years I’ve also acquired a taste for parachuting and aerial sports.

What’s your best event experience?

When I, several years ago, worked for Rema 1000 I got to attend their event for roughly 9,000 employees. The logistics and preparations involved were astonishing!

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