Our Story

EventEye’s vision is to make event apps truly easy to use. We believe that in order to replace paper and create engagement the apps has to give to your time, not take from it.

EventEye was founded by Fredrik Hoel and Ane Jemblie Monssen in the autumn of 2014. After several requests to make customized apps for conferences, our founders couldn’t help but see the potential of making the apps as a service rather than standalone app development projects. Letting organizers pay for usage rather than development means much lower costs, at the same time as development continues and the apps get better and better.

With many event apps around, we knew we had to be different. Based on the Scandinavian principles of clean, simple and elegant design we decided right from the start that we wanted to be the event app you think of when user experience is mentioned. Easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate is our way – and your participants will love it!

Since 2014 we have served many events of various types ranging from conferences to tradeshows and incentive trips to smaller meetings. We’ve recognized that strategy is a key part to a successful event app experience. Our team will gladly share the knowledge we’ve built up, helping you to get the most out of your app whether it is for a boardroom meeting or large congress.

Meet our team

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Fredrik Hoel
Fredrik HoelCEO & Founder
Ane Jemblie Monssen
Ane Jemblie MonssenFounder
Nadia Jørgenrud
Nadia JørgenrudCustomer Success Manager