Kulturtanken selects EventEye to roll out a fully digital experience with 10 day lead time

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The Client 

Created in 2016, Kulturtanken is the Ministry of Culture agency responsible for art and culture for school pupils in Norway.

This includes nationwide responsibility for The Cultural Schoolbag (TCS), the centrepiece of the government’s policy for bringing culture to children and young people.

Although Kulturtanken is an agency of the Ministry of Culture, it works closely with the Ministry of Education and Research, which is responsible for the institutions where TCS is implemented, namely schools.

The Challenge 

The Schoolbag is a national programme for arts and culture for all students in Norwegian primary and secondary schools.

The programme has existed since 2001 and is regarded as extremely successful.

As part of Kulturtankens services are several events that take place throughout the year culminating in one large events for approximately 500+ attendees made up of the leading figures within government, education and the extended creative communities.

Historically the events have taken place with all attendees being present in person and had not incorporated any digital or virtual elements.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the organiser decided to embrace and innovate the 2021 event into a virtual showcase which would push the technological boundaries of the organising team.

The Project 

EventEye was already a valued supplier to Kulturtanken providing the event app that complemented the physical event in previous years, therefore, it was decided Eventeye would be the perfect partner to produce a fully digital experience for the first event of 500+ attendees.

Due to the nature of the pandemic decisions were needed to be made quickly and there was just 10 days between selection through to delivery to roll out the first in the series of virtual offerings. 

With such a short lead time it was integral that the platform was easy to use and quick to deploy which in the organisers own words was a “huge advantage in delivering the event”.


The team impressively created a platform that doubled as an event venue, resulting in a safe environment from where all content and an engaging virtual experience could be delivered.

Each of the attendees was able to create and populate a personal profile so they could participate in the event and have an identity, much like a lanyard or name badge at a physical event ensuring the attendees, albeit digitally, felt connected.

Another impressive and yet easy to manage part of the event was that the organiser could simultaneously run the event with two digital destinations for the same platform. 

The cultural minister was able to broadcast a press conference to all attendees from a third party location yet to the attendees the experience was seamless and very accessible.

From the organisers perspective what on first appearance may have seemed a difficult task was easy to make happen and multistream from various locations.

The Result 

The first event was deemed a huge success by the organiser and attendees, both in agreement that the EventEye platform made for an easy to use, yet feature rich experience.

The partnership is already in talks to deliver an advanced version of this year’s event in 2022 with both hybrid and digital options being considered depending on the landscape and feasibility of physical events at that time.

Whatever happens features such as online polling and immediate attendee feedback will be used in future events.

The team at Kulturtanken have decided to accelerate the networking option by providing break out rooms for networking, for example.

The overall consensus is that 2021 provided a superb platform for the event and 2022 will further push the boundaries of what was available and possible for the organising team.

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