Collect Your Event Photos with the Photo Wall

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We’re introducing the Photo Wall – EventEye’s newest module to engage your audience.

The Photo Wall collects published photos from participants to the organizer, sponsors and exhibitors. The photos are easily located in your event app, all in one place.

The module gathers all event photos in one feed, and participants can like and comment. Link your exhibitor profile to promoted posts and increase the visibility for your company.

Available for all Plus and Professional packages.

Photo wall in app

Frequently Asked Questions about the Photo Wall:

It does not require any work for you as the module operates by itself and automatically collects photos that has been shared in the feed.

You can not manage directly the photos showing up in the Photo Wall module, but you can edit and delete posts in the feed. This will have a direct impact on which photos that will show.

Everyone that is given permission to post photos in the feed.

Not yet, but we are working on a solution for this.

You can include the Photo Wall in Plus and Professional packages.

Reach out to our support and we’d be happy to help you export the photos.

The Photo Wall can be chosen as one of your eligible modules in the Plus tier, while it is included in the Professional tier without any additional fees.

Do you have other questions about the Photo Wall? Feel free to ask us anything.

Receive the latest insights and news